About Us


A warm welcome to beddingproducts.in , we are feeling proud to provide products that match your bedding requirements. Our registered firm SUPER TRADING CORPORATION is established in 1978 and has 40 years of expertise in serving qualitative products to consumers. We are pioneer in Saurashtra region of Gujarat to distribute cover mattress and we are leading supplier of polyurethane (PU) Foam, mattress and related accessories. Over a period of time, the concept of bedding has shifted from utility to comfort and demanding innovations in feel, designs, colour and thickness which created most luxury bedding for sleep. At SUPER TRADING CORPORATION we strives to attend a perfect balance between tiredness and sleep. Comfortable sleep is prime necessity for each human being to spend the rest of the day in best way. 1/3rd of 24 hours is needed for sleep for healthy body and mind, therefore we serve the healthy products made with Health Fresh Technology by Sleepwell. All Sleepwell products are made with Neem Fresche Technology. Health & hygiene inspired by nature and science. neem fresche technology protects against dust mites,bacteria, fungi and allergens that cause skin problems and breathing disorders. It is effective even after multiple years and washes. It is enviornment friendly and certified by U.S. enviornmental protection agency. Thus we can proudly say, enter coziness, redefine your sleep, repose your busy day with our luxury bedding products.

Did you know your furniture cusioning is as important as fabric of your sofa and cushions? The design and most importantly the comfort in sofa enhances the overall experience. So, the quality of cushhioing is the most important to give attention.

SUPER TRADING CORPORATION is the first ever in Saurashtra – Kutchh’s region of gujarat to bring Sleepwell’s Furniture Cushioning Center with innovative range of furniture cushioing products that promise long lasting comfort, support and durability.


SUPER TRADING CORPORATION has top line assembling and resizing facilities to produce highly required mattresses in-house. Our company has employed highly skilled and trained staff to take utmost care in making of final product. We use latest mechanism for cutting edge products to deliver best to consumers.

Cover mattresses and ready to use products are made with world class European technology and equipment. Our retail outlet - STUDIO INTERIO showroom measures 5000 sq ft on prime location of Rajkot city. It is handled by trained employees in interiors and architecture under supervision of executives in proficient manner they guarantee you to pursue the dream of luxury with world class products.

Our Values

We believe in quality

To provide quality products,is the top most value of firm believe in.Our suppliers are well known comapanies with ISO & ISI certification.

Customer Satisfaction

All products are innovative,reliable and satisfactory rewarded by end consumers.Our main award is immense satisfaction of our clients.Our customers trust us for the quality of product and commitment to deliver on mention date.

After Sell Service

We promise comfort to our consumer, therefore deal is backed up by sales & service support within city area.