Centuary Foams


High Resiliance [HR] Foam is the highest grade of polyurethane foam. These  foams contour  to the  body exceptionaly well and  their  cell structure enables extreme  elasticity  and optional supporting  force by distributing pressure across an entire  surface, thus offering greater bounce and better support for sleeping  [mattress] as well as seating [soaf\chairs] applications.The elasticity  of HR foam also helps in prolonging the comfort of a mattress or sofa.

Available in 32 and40 densities.


Memory  Foam:

Memory Foam adopts to the contours of your body to provide excellent support and  relieve pressure points. The  high density foam responds to body heat by softennig  on contact  and moulds  to the shapes of the body in a matter of a few minutes. 


ZZ Cenflex:

The ZZ cenflex  silky  soft  foam is extremely  soft and incredibly silky in feel, thus making them ideal for use in high-end upholstered furniture and mattress quilting/core.

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