Bedding also include the materials laid above the mattress for hygiene,warmth, protection of the mattress and decorative effect. Comforters have been design for used during light winters and AC environment and as such it can be used all year round. They are made with companies advanced technology for longer durability.The filling is made uniformly by continuous layering technology.

Comforters available are of the finest,non-toxic material and comes with anti--mite & anti-bacterial treatment which allows you to sink into a deep comfortable and healthy slumber every time you retire to bed.

Resons to have one:

  • Good Warm Retention
  • Light Weight
  • Washable
  • Long Lasting
  • Can Be used both sides
  • Very Soft & silky feel
  • Come out of conventional heavy blankets
  • Elegant Plain & Printed designs
  • Available in single & double Size.