ECONOMY (4"Mattress)

A perfect mattress to match your budget and comfort needs. A mattress with great bounce and resiliency, this is an investment you'll never regret.

  • 4" High Resiliance PUF avoids any type of the concentrated pressure point. This HR foam is cooling, breathable and it provides gentle cradling that is auto-resistant to body impressions to ensure amost comfortable, consistent and durable mattress possible.
  • The mattress is protected with dual cover. The innermost quilt cover is made of pure natural cotton, so as to give you coolness of nature and protect from heat of foam.
  • The pure cotton printed fabric is usedto cover the top layerof thr mattress which is breathable and soothing to the soft pores of skin.
  • Available in 4" thickness. It can also be made +/- 1" according to customer's requirement.