Magenta Frizogel

  • Premium 3D breathable circular knit covers offers execellent breathability with ideal sleep temprature. The corducroy borderĀ  accent gives it a stylish appeal.
  • 1" quilted memory foam adds to the layer of style and comfort.
  • Knitted( polyester/viscose) semi-transparent cover to protact foam from dust and stain.
  • 1.5" ventilated,gel-infused Cool-Touch Plus memory foam offers better initial body support and an additional layer of breathability.
  • 1.5" ventilated Comfort Gel-care memory foam to enhance support & comfort along with smooth passage of cool air.
  • 6" HD foam offeres superior comfort,relaxation and extra support to your body.
  • Rubberized grip at the bottom to prevent mattress from slipping.
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