REVERSIBLE (6" Mattress)

The Mattress is made for those who enjoy an active life-style, any discomfort to back appearsan un-welcome situation to them. This is dual usage model, reversible or changeable according to either your body mood or weather mood.

  • 4" High Resiliance foam of any density you wish can be base ofyour mattress to give comfort and nightlong sleep.
  • 2" or 1" soft foam, according to your choice can be combined with the HR foam, which exercise buoyancy and adapt to the anatomical shapes of the spine and gives soft-feel in hot summers.
  • HR Foam & rich topping of soft foam are covered with exotic quilt made of pure cotton which gives the benefit of natural cotton to nature lovers, and do not make mattress hot in summers.
  • Top cover is made of pure cotton printed fabric with zip for easily draping the mattress.
  • Its dual benefit,can be obtained in winters by tossing n turning down side upwards. The cool- winters require firm base for sleeping for those who suffer  from back problems. Our HR foam mattress are breathable  & do not get hot in summers and cold in winters respectively.
  • Available in 5" and 6" thickness.