SOFT TOUCH (8" Mattress)

Soft Touch Mattress is beautiful crafted mattress with pleasing aesthetics.

It is made of high resilience foam, velvet soft foam and memory foam to reach the hights of soft touch in foam mattress.

  • 4" 32 DC High resilience [HR] foam provides greater bounce and comfort in comparison to conventional foams.
  • 2" velvet  soft foam helps in giving you extra comfort and  it supports memory foam's everlasting comfort.
  • 2" NASA approved memory moulds itself as per the body contours, thereby eliminating pressure points.
  • Soft touch mattress  is finished with breathable fabric which helps in keeping away   bactaria, fungi etc. Cover enhance the benefits of memory foam.
  • Most outer cover is made of premium cotton fabric. Easily removable and washable cover helps most families.
  • Available in 8” thickness. It can be adjusted to+/- 1" according to customer's requirements.